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The Solo Fathers Book Series will guide you through the main focus areas to protect your father rights in the divorce process so that you can make the right decision for your children. The website and blog are the dads divorce forum, the series contains comprehensive guidance to protect fathers custody rights in divorce. You must be at your best during the divorce. The series can help you focus on taking care of you, your children's needs, and your case so that you can protect your fathers custody rights. Dads divorce is a unique perspective. Your equal fathers rights, and protection of fathers custody rights is enabled by your understanding of your children needs and the system you face. The fathers rights movement is working to protect your role. But there are steps you must do as well to protect your fathers custody rights.


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Father Rights Guidance

Dads Divorce

Solo Fathers is devoted to:


  • Equal Parental Rights
  • Father Rights
  • Fathers Custody Rights


Our children need their fathers in their lives. The Fathers Rights Movement recognizes this simple fact. Solo Fathers will help you take the best steps during your divorce to strengthen your fathers custody rights and other father rights.

Fathers Rights

Solo Fathers community is comprised of devoted fathers rights advocates. Guidance here and in the series is focused on father rights, specifically fathers custody rights. We all share a vision as fathers for equal rights. The solo fathers series along with this site is a dads divorce forum where we all can combine our thoughts to help those to come so we can secure our vital role in our children's lives.