We all arrived here by different means with different stories. There will always be opportunities to look back and reflect on how each of us arrived to this point. The issues we all will face in the divorce are fairly common. Going forward, we share the same path. The road through the divorce is a labyrinth.  Once through, the challenges continue. Each of us will glance backwards at different rates as we deal with divorce and after. As a community of dads, the road ahead is very similar.

This is not the site of an attorney, a therapist, or an accountant.  You'll need some or all of those professionals without question. Together we face a system and society that leans heavily in favor of the mothers. There are ways to protect your father's rights. Let this be a source for ideas, help or just an ear. In the end, many of us have gone before you. Our ideas may save you some pain we experienced and help you out of the labyrinth quicker and with the result you desire that works best for you and your children.

As for me, I'm not a lawyer, therapist, or accountant. I'm a career military pilot by day (often night too) and full time dad. I learned by surprise one day that while it takes two to enter into marriage, only one can choose to break that contract. During that shock I also learned that I was facing a drastic change in the future time with my children. I fought back hard and for a long time. Today I'm on the other side with shared custody and a strong relationship continuing with my kids. The information available to me was sparse and not great. I made a decision then that once out I would pull all those lessons together to help dads in the future. The website is one method, blog another, and the books bring it all together in one resource. I've been fortunate to write as well for several great sites. Check out those through the links below!

There is an end to the madness ahead, and there are many of us out there that have navigated the path before you. If the answers aren't here, or if you just have questions, send me an email. Good lessons and feedback are appreciated and I'll post the updates quickly for all.
-TJ Carver

A Glance in the Rear View Mirror