The vast majority of divorces need help from the legal system to resolve. Our society is slanted in favor of the mother's, so it should be no surprise that the society's legal system also leans towards mom. Dads before you share part of the blame. Book 3 helps you understand the system and keep your fight on its best path to help you achieve the best outcome for your family.

The foundation for your children has been based on their parents.  Now that foundation is changing. There are so many reputable schools of thought on the effect of divorce on children. Which is right doesn't matter for you, as you are heading towards divorce. Instead, Book 2 helps you focus on them to minimize the impact and help them through the challenges ahead.

Book 1 helps you work through the most difficult aspect of divorce; the effect on you. There is so much riding on your shoulders ahead. Your children need their strong father and your case will need your best, especially if you head into a difficult fight. To meet all these demands, you must overcome the stress so that you can be at your best. You must take care of yourself and Book 1 helps you do just that!


There are three basic steps to getting through a divorce:

  • Take Care of Yourself
  • Take Care of Your Children
  • Take Care of Your Case

It's not like building legos.  You will need to do all of these at the same time.  But you can't give your children or case the focus it needs if you aren't at your best.  And you can't attack your case without understanding the needs of your children.  So they do have a priority.

The Solo Fathers series takes you through the details of each of these approaches. Contact me to receive updates on release dates and special offers

The Solo Fathers Series